Invitation - kilpailukutsu


On behalf of the Finland Wrestling Federation, Kajaanin Juntta ry has the pleasure to invite your country to participate in the Nordic championship in Greco-Roman, Freestyle and Female wrestling.

The championship will be held May 26th – May 27th 2018 in Kajaani, Finland.


General Information


The Nordic Championship will take place in: Kajaanihalli

                                                                        Ratakatu 2

                                                                        87100 Kajaani                                                           

For more information, please check our website:



Weight Class
 Saturday, May 26 Sunday, May 27 
 Cader GR 2001-2003Cader WFS 2001-2003Junior GR 1998-2000Cadet FS 2001-2003
                          +1                             +1                             +2                          +1



Max 20 Wrestlers from each country can participate in each age category.

Cadets born 2003 can participate with medical certificate and parental authorization.


Weight in and medical control will take place in accommodation place Sokos Hotel Valjus. Participants in more than one weight class only need to weight in once.

                                                          Medical control: 

Saturday           8.00 - 8.30

Sunday              7.30 - 8.00

Weight in:

Saturday           8.30 - 9.00

Sunday              8.00 - 8.30


Sauna will be open and available 2 hours before weight in.

Please note that only one sauna is available.


Referee             Each federation has to be represented by at least two national referees


Rules                  UWW Rules

Nordic pool system:

Weight classes with more than five participant’s splits in two pools A and B. 

-                                                        *Wrestler will be eliminated after 2 lost matches 

                                                          *The winner of each pool is in the 1-2 final for gold

-                                                        *The second in each pool is in the 3-4 final for bronze

Weight classes with five or less participant’s will be in one pool all against all.


Entries               Preliminary entries, before:  8.4.2018

Final entries, before: 10.5.2018

Entries must be send by mail to: and 

Final entries must include names of all the persons in the delegation.


After receiving final entries, invoices for participating in the Nordic Championship will be shipped to the delegations to be paid by bank transfer or at latest in cash upon arrival. 


Financial conditions                 

Participation fee:            EUR 70,- per person per day (incl. meals and accommodation)

Membership fee NWA:  EUR 220,- per nation

UWW fee:                      EUR 200,- per nation

Transportation fee:        EUR 30,- per person



The transportation-fee (EUR 30) covers all necessarily transport during the competition, including transportation from Kajaani and Oulu airport (2 hours bus trip), Kajaani railway station and hotel.

Distance for hotel and sports arena are walking distance, under 1000 meters.

Please note: In Oulu Airport we transfer team from bus in Friday 25.5. And bus is going back to Oulu in sunday after competion.

If your team need transfer in other day, please take contact to e-mail

If the Delegations travels in their own bus, and don’t need transportation, the transportation-fee will not be charged.




Sokos Hotels Valjus, Kauppakatu 20, 87100 Kajaani

                                    Accommodation will be provided in rooms for 2-4 persons.



All nations are invited to banquet. The Banquet will take place in Restaurant Fors Saturday evening at 19.30.

Each nation will receive special invitations for coaches, referees and officials. Additional access to the banquet will be charged EUR 20,-.


Organizing Committee            

Kajaanin Juntta ry:                     Rasintie 2, 87830 Nakertaja


Facebook:                                   Kajaanin Juntta


Tlf.                                               +358 40 7257 977/Pekka Moliis

                                                    +358 40 5131 267/Stevo Petrovic





Welcome to Kajaani








Friday, 25th of May

Arrival of the delegations.

                             17.00                  Sauna available in Sport Arena Kajaanihalli

                 17.30 – 20.00     Dinner, Kajaanihalli

                             19.30                  Draw in, Kajaanihalli

                             20.00                  Referees meeting, Hotel Valjus


Saturday, 26th of May

                             6.30                   Sauna at hotel

                             7.00 - 10            Breakfast at hotel

                             8.00-8.30           Medical Control at hotel

                             8.30-9.00           Weight In at hotel

                             11:00 - 13:30     Elimination rounds for Cadets (GR) and Cadets (WFS).

                             13:00 - 15:00     Lunch, Sport Arena Kajaanihalli

                             14:30 - 15:00     Opening ceremony.

                             15:00 - 17:00     Elimination rounds for Cadets (GR) and Cadets (WFS).

                             15:00                  Sauna available, Kajaanihalli

                             17:00 - 18:30      Finals for Cadets (GR) and Cadets (WFS)

                             18:30-19             Draw in, Kajaanihalli  

                             18:30 - 19:30      Dinner, Kajaanihalli

                             19.30 -                Banquet, Restaurant Fors        


Sunday, 27th of May

                               6.00                    Sauna at hotel

                               7:00 - 10             Breakfast at hotel

                               7.30-8                 Medical Control at hotel

                                8 – 8.30               Weigh In at hotel

                               10.30 – 12.30     Elimination rounds for Cadets (FS) and Junior (GR) 

                               12 - 14               Lunch, Kajaanihalli

                               13.30 – 14.30 Finals for Cadets (FS) and Junior (GR)

                               15                        Closing Ceremony


                                                    Departure of the delegations